Dental Implant Turkey

Implant are screws with titanium material applied to the jaw bone for missing teeth. It is especially preferred by people who have difficulty chewing. After application, people have a natural and functional tooth.

Before the implant, the patient must have the following conditions:

  • Being over the age of 18
  • Completion of the mouth and jaw development
  • The bones in the mouth should be thick enough to hold the screw.

Issues to be considered after the implant treatment:

Do not consume hard foods to avoid damaging the seams at the same time no pressure should be applied to the stitched area.

Why most preferred Turkey in implant treatment?

Turkey is showing rapid development in the health field in recent years. Due to good promotions, advantageous exchange rates and low costs, foreign patients prefer Turkey to implant an expensive process.

Dental Implant Turkey

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